Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Rough drafting

I learned the hard way that it's best to check assumptions sooner rather than later. So I'm now testing my scanning and photo-editing for the Moon Myth pages, which are in various stages of completion. Note: the cloths have not yet been blocked, so these images are rough indeed ...

Page 1 - Sun and Moon

Page 2 - Father Time

Page 3 - Mother Earth and Moon

Page 4 - Day 1 Sunset

Page 5 - Day 2 Rainstorm

Page 8 - Day 11 Thunderstorm

Page 15 - The End

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Standing up

Today's post is rather random.

There's Don's latest, which made good use of the stash from this post:
http://imgoingtotexas.blogspot.com/2018/05/slow-down.html ...

And while it has been called both shaman and totem during its becoming, to me it is the Keeper ...

Guardian of the grasses ...

And then there's Jace, building ...

Wonder where he gets it from.

And we attended a Families Belong Together rally today, here caught in the background of a local Facebook video.  ...

I know it's better to use fewer words on posters, but I couldn't resist the Declaration of Independence ...

I saw a better sign later, as I scanned for news of other rallies ... wish I had snapped a screenshot. It said something like, "I couldn't tell my grandson that I did nothing."

Anyway, about 150 folks showed up in Kerrville. One of the advantages of a small town rally was parking one block from City Hall and being able to stand under a tree (hmmm ... guess that's two advantages). 

As we stood by the roadside, signs in hand, Don leaned over and said, "I just hope no one gets ticked off enough to decide to drive up over the curb."

"It already crossed my mind," I replied. "I'm standing where I can dive behind that wall."

Paranoia aside, more folks drove by with thumbs up than thumbs down. And if most of the ralliers were rightly characterized as aging hippies, I was heartened by the young family who stood beside us. 

Hoping for a better day ... working together as best we can ...

Maybe not so random after all.

Friday, June 29, 2018

A solution (or two) for Blogger folks

The blog community is an ongoing wonder and delight. Recent changes in Blogger resulted in a cessation of email notifications about new comments. Now a fix has emerged, detailed below.

But first, credit to Fiona at Paper Ponderings, who credits Annick at zotvanletters, who in turn credits Ulrike at Ulkau. Amazing, right?

So here's the fix.  I've added a few more steps to make it crystal clear (I hope)

1. Go to the Blogger dashboard
2. Click on Settings in the left sidebar
3. Click on Email in the left sidebar
4. Delete your email address from the Comment Notification Email box
5. Click the Remove link below the empty box
6. Click Save Settings in the upper right hand corner
7. Click the Comment Notification Email Add link
8. Type your email address in the box
9. Click Save Settings again
10. Go to your email account where you will find an email titled "Comment subscription request"
11. Open the email and click the Subscribe link

Happy days!

I also (finally) figured out how to back up my blog (can't believe I risked waiting this long)

1. Go to the Blogger dashboard
2. Click on Settings in the left sidebar
3. Click Other in the left sidebar
4. Click the Back up to content button
5. Save to your computer and handle as you would any document download

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Lest I forget

Back in 2009 the focus of this blog was on food. My daughters were recently married, so phone calls seeking recipes were not uncommon. After a year or so, "it's on the blog" became a more frequent response ... or "I'll put it on the blog."

Eventually, Meliss put many of the recipes into book form ...

with this acknowledgement ...

These days, new "recipes" happen (and I use the term "recipe" as loosely as I measure). Thus it was last night that I texted my daughters with news about the latest "recipe" and promised to put it here ...

Bahn Mi my way (for two)

Slice one pork tenderloin into 1" thick steaks and marinate in the fridge for a couple of hours using this Food Netwrok inspired concoction:

2 Tbs soy sauce or tamari
2 Tbs grated fresh ginger (or tubular minced ginger)
1-2 Tbs ginger chile sauce
1 clove of garlic, grated or minced
1 tsp sesame oil
1 Tbs light brown sugar

Feel free to change quantities and/or add other ingredients (fish sauce, red pepper flakes, lemongrass ... whatever)

Prep sandwich fillings while meat is being grilled to medium rare-ish (pink in the middle, charred on the outside)

Cilantro leaves (lots)
Matchstick carrots
Thin slices of cucumber (seedless)
Thin slices of poblano or jalapeño 

Whisk together a dressing

2 Tbs garlic chile sauce
1 Tbs fresh ginger
Sesame oil to taste

Cut 3 soft crusty rolls in half and pull out some of the middle (to make room for sandwich filling)
Lightly coat with mayo and griddle until lightly toasted.
Dress with a little more mayo.

Thinly slice half the pork (reserve the rest for leftovers ... to be served on coconut rice with more of the aforementioned toppings plus chopped nuts and/or toasted coconut)

Fill one half of each roll with cucumber and cilantro, fill the other half with carrots and chili peppers. Top with pork slices and drizzle with chili/ginger/sesame dressing to taste. Fold halves together and attempt to eat neatly (good luck with that).

Particularly good with Nigori sake.