Sunday, May 27, 2012

- Catching up

Originally posted in On the Trail

I know, it's been a while, but we've been busy (in more ways than one ... some definitely better than the others). Fortunately, since Don is starting to feel better, blogging is back on the agenda. His rock work continues to amaze, with the latest iteration resulting in a paving effect using decomposed granite from Gardenville and rocks from the floodplain out back. We're now scouting out a new/used Toyota pickup truck, the better to haul stuff for future landscaping projects.  
Part of the fire pit incorporating pre-existing bedrock ...
I'd say it's about one yard square and one-tenth of the total project

Unfortunately, it's getting a little too hot and humid to spend much time outside (not to mention too noisy with all the red katydids). The good news is that I got my old sewing machine rehabbed on our last Katie-sitting mission in Austin, so I've been staying inside crafting something for my soon-to-arrive grandson. Said project involves unraveling sweater sleeves from my mom's cardigans (which have been sitting in my closet for four years ... obviously I'm never going to wear them):   
Which leaves me with sweater "bodies" and more yarn than I care to unravel (it takes for-ev-er).   Following an inspiration from Pinterest, I turned one of the sweaters into a pillow ... and was happy enough with the results that it will soon be followed by two more.