Wednesday, June 4, 2014

- Try ... try again (redux): Harem cloth robe

Just about the time I finished the muslin robe (which resembled a hospital gown more than a robe), the harem cloth that Jude Hill recommended arrived from Dharma Trading Company. It was ever so much finer than the muslin. So I started over ...

and made some adjustments (narrower, longer, with some overlap in the front) having learned a few things the first time around.  

As with the first robe, I only seamed the shoulders and everything was done in running stitch with two strands of cotton floss. 

I have no illusions about how sturdy it will be (or rather, how sturdy it won't be), but it's not going to see a lot of heavy use. Besides, it only took a day to make, even though every stitch was done by hand. 

You might say my ugly duckling first effort turned into a swan the second time around ... which reminds me of a story.


A modern day fairy tale (6)

Once upon a time there was a retired gentleman who thought he had no particular artistic talent. Nonetheless, he decided to try his hand at carving decoys.

His first efforts were somewhat blocky and he simply stained his little wooden ducks rather than attempt to paint the feathers.

As time went on, he read books, went to art shows, watched videos, and bought special tools. He learned to woodburn and paint each feather.  

Slowly but surely he realized that he did indeed have talent and his humble little ducklings grew to be beautiful swans. 

Swan decoy by Donald Bruce Ackert, Sr. aka Pop Pop
Now who does this remind me of ... ?

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saskia said...

gorgeous dress!! I love the simplicity of it and also the use of running stitch (at least to me it looks like that, my stitch repertoire is small)
could I copy it? I hope so, thanks for sharing