Thursday, October 9, 2014

- Something old, something new: Nine patch and technology

Today I made my first nine patch ...

Unlike my attempts at quilting years ago, all the corners matched up and I actually enjoyed myself. The key difference between then and now was the technique shared on Jude Hill's Small Journeys of basting down the seam allowances of each piece before hand sewing them together.

Unlike most basting, these stitches can be left in as they leave virtually no trace on the finished piece.

But wait ... it gets better. These pictures were just taken in minimal light with my new iPhone ... the one I got to go with my new hearing aids. I can now hear a phone call directly in my ears, adjust the volume, treble and bass from an app on my phone, and stream audio without having to put on ear buds. Technology is truly amazing ... 

And yet, and yet ... the simplest of technologies ... hand sewing with a needle, thread, and patches of cloth ... is equally wonderful.

I am absolutely blissed out!