Tuesday, November 4, 2014

- Lindeheimer's Senna (NOT Acacia pods as first reported) join the Love Potion #9 dye test

[Note: Red addenda were added in 2015] After finding no persimmons left to harvest I googled acacia pods, which we do not have in abundance. Learning that green and/or yellow dye might be possible, I gathered up Lindheimer's Senna (Cassia), which I mistook for acacia. Then I picked out the least successful attempts from the round of tan sheet dyeing and bundled them up in canning jars with used tea bags and boiling water. As with the first round of tan sheet dyeing, I'm trying a copper wire batch, a steel wire batch (haven't gotten steel wool yet, but I shook in some rusty nails for good measure), and an alum batch. The results were awful ... both color and rank odor.

They are now waiting patiently alongside Love Potion #9 (the first jar on the left) and color is most definitely happening.