Monday, November 16, 2015

- Another beginning: Natural dyeing workshop, part 1

The natural dyeing workshop that I attended this past weekend did not disappoint ...

Fabrics dyed by 16 participants in Brazilwood, cochineal and madder (from left to right)

and it will take more than one post to describe it all. For now, I'm waiting on permission from the workshop leader Maura Ambrose to post images of her work.

In the meantime, here are some of my pieces fresh out of the dye pots ...

An indigo dip for "it's only RAIN" stitched last year

Prairie Tea dyed linen shirts dipped in Brazilwood and madder

after triple dipping ...

Double-dipped madder with a final dip in Brazilwood (left)
Double-dipped Brazilwood with a final dip in madder (right)

and not quite dry ...

The back of "it's only RAIN" and an indigo-dyed piece of vintage linen tablecloth
I'm especially excited about the waterline ... more on that later

This panoramic shot includes some other student work along with my first attempt at Shibori ...

My two Shibori pieces are 6th and 7th from the left, followed by a yellow linen scrap dipped in indigo
Note: the indigo vat had gotten pretty tired at the point I dipped the Shibori, which was fine by me

all done with this beautiful view in the distance ...

Texas blackland prairie in Bastrop (site of major wildfires in 2011 and last month)
with a rare bit of sun peeking through (most of the weekend was cloudy unfortunately)