Tuesday, December 29, 2015

- Seeing things another way

A couple of years ago I persuaded Don to buy a funky, but beautifully patinated chaise lounge at By the Bridge. My plan was to cut off the back and convert it into an outdoor coffee table for the breezeway. Long story short, it didn't work out.

So, the chaise sat on the back deck, unused. Until one day, one of us saw it another way ...

It is now a container garden populated by herbs happily soaking up the Texas sun ...

because of course we just happened to have long, skinny containers that fit perfectly between the bars of the seat. The potted plants we purchased in October have settled in quite well. The top row is planted with arugula (making a comeback after being harvested for a Christmas dinner salad with roasted carrots) and cilantro. The middle row has shallots (which substitute well for chives or scallions), leaf lettuce (started from seed) and parsley. The bottom row has mint, more leaf lettuce, and thyme. 

And yes, the lettuce is recovering from the hail storm two nights ago. We may get to eat it yet!