Monday, April 25, 2016

- The Rundown

Retrospective (5/29/2016)

Patch #116

Looking for cloth, I was delighted to find stripes that reflected sunset and clouds in a blue sky, the yellow of the Rundown Cafe sign, green grass and a patch of road.

Original Post

We had just one more night in paradise (aka the Outer Banks of North Carolina), so where better to go than ...

I have long ordered Rundown soup and/or Fish bites ...

which are the first two items on the menu for good reason Better yet, we ran into some folks we hadn't seen for nearly ten years. What a trip.

Then we drove back down the beach road ...

wondering how many more storms it will take before the houses on the left fall into the sea, making the houses on the right waterfront properties.

Barrier island living is a risky business ...

just ask the turtles.

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