Wednesday, May 4, 2016

- Weave me the sunshine

Retrospective (6/3/2016)

Patch #125 Rainbow ...

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We went to the Wildflower Center with G, letting him choose the way as we came to each fork in the pathways. Finding ourselves in the little art house beside the butterfly garden just before lunch, the sun shone down through the top of the glass door, painting a rainbow on the wall.

G has seen this before. "Catch the rainbow in your hand, Nana!" And so I did. Then invited him to do the same ... which he did, again and again. Had we let him, I do believe he would have stayed in this one spot all day.

And as I wrote this post, an old Peter, Paul and Mary tune played in my head, the second line changed to fit the memory:

"Weave, weave, weave me the sunshine
Out of the door and then
Weave me the hope of a new tomorrow
Fill my cup again"

"Good-bye rainbow."


grace Forrest~Maestas said...

this is the way it could be, with All of Us....taking the Time to
completely Know a Rainbow, to let the Rainbow completely Know us...
so BeautyFull....

ARTISUN said...

So very precious!

Liz Ackert said...

To catch a moment and hold it "forever" ... a new word for G.

When asked what "forever" meant, he gravely replied, "a very long time."

Liz Ackert said...

To take the time to look and truly see. How fortunate we are to have our grandchildren, the better to see the world through their eyes.