Sunday, July 10, 2016

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Retrospective (7/18/2016)

Patch #192 Riley's Tavern

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It's been a while since we went out to listen to some live music (in Texas, that is). So we made our first venture to Riley's Tavern ...

which recently began a singer/songwriter concert series on Sundays from 4-7. How civilized.

One of our local favorites, Jamie Lin Wilson, was at the mic ...

and she played more than a few of my favorites: John Wayne Cowboy (about her stoic father-in-law) ... Seven Year Drought (which was released four days before the epic Memorial Day flood in Wimberley) ... and Old Oldsmobile (which we first heard in Gruene Hall as she announced the news that she was expecting her third child, due at the end of a long, hot Texas summer).

She's a great lyricist and storyteller, with a strong voice, smooth fingerpicking, and a wicked harmonica. Sadly, she needed to call out a table-full of clueless rowdies ... to the relief of all of us who really wanted to see them leave (fortunately they did) so we could better hear what she had to sing.

But you've gotta wonder when a joint posts signs like this ...

Only in Texas.

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