Friday, March 11, 2016

- Blank slate

When I made the dye sampler on Monday, I was struck by how beautifully the linen patches worked up. So I went back to my notes from Maura's dye workshop to see where she sourced it.

Google quickly found "Pickering International" and I placed an order for the minimum ten yards of 54" organic linen at $9.80 per yard (with shipping and handling the total was actually closer to $12 per yard). It was an indulgence for sure, but I'm hoping it will also be a motivator for making more precise records of future dye trials by having a more consistent starting point. Not to mention the opportunity to make more dye samplers.

So today's patch is a blank slate ...

Patch #71

full of yet-to-be-realized potential!

There's more in the good new department: enough rain this week that we've already emptied the gauge once ...

and are hoping for a little bit more before it's all over.