Friday, May 13, 2016

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Retrospective (5/22/2016)

Patch #134 Friday the 13th

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I am smitten by Jude Hill's nine patches ... likewise Judy Martin's. But when I made a pile of 1.5" square patches, I found myself profoundly dissatisfied when I tried putting them together in blocks of nine.

Still, I love making my little one-inch weather patches, which I string together in week-long rows of seven.

So it was that a light bulb lit over my head today: make more strips ...

This I like. 

I also very much like fresh veggie fritters. This batch has red potatoes, carrots, yellow squash and onion ...

One egg, a bit of seasoning and a 1/4 cup of Bisquick to hold it all together while sautéing in olive oil. Perfect with grilled whatever and a dollop of sour cream, avocado and lemon ...