Saturday, June 4, 2016

- Should-ness

I am stitching, which is to say doing what I love. So why am I thinking about what else I could ... or "should" ... be doing?

Like cleaning or straightening something up, paying a bill, making an appointment, organizing anything and everything, reading, writing, gardening, cooking ... doing stuff I love and/or hate by turns. 


I used to bite my nails, mostly when I was reading (which I loved) while thinking of all the things that were going undone (which I hated).

Is should-ness the opposite of mindfulness?

I would like to be mindful as I stitch, be peacefully in the moment. But all too often I find myself running an endless mix-tape of should-have-dones. More should-ness. It would be nice to let that go.

So I'm writing this while thinking I'd rather be stitching and letting cloth blow in the wind ...

as time goes by ...