Monday, June 27, 2016

- Catching up

Retrospective (7/4/2016)

Patch #179 Sunbow

While it was sunny in Texas, it was overcast at the beach, which had its advantages: no sunburns and two sunbow spottings.

Original Post

Two more weeks added to the rain patch cloth after checking for the time we were out of town ...

Plus some belated blog and news reading, which revealed there is currently an exhibit of 27 prayer quilts out of the 400 that were donated to Emanuel AME Church in Charleston:

And even though I had planned to work on patches, I ended up playing with a t-shirt I started working on at the beach ...

I think I'll launder it before going much further since I have no clue how the stitches will respond to agitation. I'm also realizing (anew) that stitching into cotton knit is tough going, so this will probably be a one-off.