Friday, July 29, 2016

- They're finally over

I just read an article that claimed you really don't have a moral obligation to watch political conventions. A bit late for that unfortunately.

Anyway, as I whacked away in the garden today, I asked myself what exactly I've done recently that would count as political action. Here's my list:

- voted (mostly a pointless exercise as I live in a red state)
-  stitched a peace pennant for India Flint's Solace Project
-  stitched a quilt square for Dee Mallon's Hearts for Charleston

It's been a long time since I've demonstrated (the most recent was a very brief stint at Occupy Austin). And my political donations have been few and far between. This is Texas, after all (interesting side note: we actually lived in a blue congressional district for a while,  but got gerrymandered out of it after the 2010 census).

But now, I feel the need to ramp things up a bit. Encourage family members to register to vote. Put some of my thoughts into writing here. And send my thoughts in writing to those who would govern us (both those I agree with and more importantly, those I don't).

So Patches #208-210 for July 26-28 are  words that continue to echo in my head ... 

And Patch #211 for today is a token of my promise to myself ...

Because "they" can't know what I'm thinking if I don't tell them.