Monday, November 7, 2016

- Election Eve

Retrospective (12/3)

Patch #312 Sign of the apocalypse

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I finished a four-day ombré in orange ...

Speedy G on October 7

G's ACL "tattoo" from October 8
with a rationale for the spelling of "axe" versus "ax" to be found here

The monkey bars in Wimberley on October 9

G's chocolate-drizzled, sugar-sprinkled PBJ crepe on October 10

And then, looking at the title of the post from October 11
I had to check to see if that was the day Bob Dylan received the Nobel Prize in literature. Nope, I was two days early ...

Prescient? Well no, but a good example of why our generation's poet laureate deserved the nod: his words have become an integral part of our vernacular.

Finally, I'll let Don have the last word today in this rare (for him) post on Facebook ...