Friday, November 11, 2016

- Number the days

Back on Day 143 ...
I planned to do a companion patch when I got to Day 314, thinking I would title it "You I Love."

But then it came to pass that Day 314 fell on November 9
and a whole new set of possible 314s came to mind:

     Why I hurt
          Can I heal?
               Him I fear

In the end, I decided on "How I hope" ...

So this, then, is what I do ...

A numbering of days ...

October 14

October 15

and October 16

Because ultimately what I chose to remember was not whatever miserable news was current on each of those days, but the simple joys they gave me:

G's gentle voice whispering "Hi bird"

J's exultant smile as he learned to ride his new bicycle

The golden light of the setting sun caught in the branches of a tree

- Self-soothing

Retrospective (12/4)

Patch #316 Like a river

Original Post

We went to the Wildflower Center with G yesterday, where I found both peace and metaphor.

Are we hopelessly fractured ...

or ready to work ...

together ...

In the weeds ...

or at the beginning of new growth?

Dare we hope to make change for the better?

"My heart is open, my will is fierce" ... with thanks to Dee Mallon for issuing the call. May we each find our best expression of purpose and meaning.


My St Louis daughter just posted this on Facebook and it seems fitting to pass it on ...