Thursday, December 22, 2016

- Not much to show

Patch #357 A rose by any other name

would still be pink. 

That's my new iPhone 7, which is "rose gold" with a "desert sand" case. Which is to say, it's pink ... just like daughter Meg's new phone. 

My excuse for getting a new one? Well, my trusty iPhone 5 has been maxing out on storage and the battery has been fading faster by the day. With Christmas only days away and a new granddaughter arriving in the spring it was only a matter of time. 

Fortunately, I didn't exchange my old phone (with which I took this picture of the new phone), because Surprise! There is no longer a Blogger app for iPhones. So even though I have this great new phone with a great new camera, I'll actually continue to blog on the old phone.


Anyway, the patch is a lustrous cotton sateen from Maura Ambrose's dye workshop last year ... a perfect match to the matte glossiness of the new phone (I know, it's oxymoronic). I decided to leave it unembellished as most of what we did with the rest of the day involved Christmas gifts that can't be shown ... yet.