Monday, August 21, 2017

Wentzville 2017 - Eclipse

We head outside 

called by the changing light 
to seek a gauzy crescent funneling 
through a pin-pierced hole 

This is not the golden glow of dawn 
nor the rosy tinge of sunset 
not even the green fug betiding storm 

Rather it is a silvery light 
that throws grudging shadows 
but gives no warmth 

The silence is total 
street lights flickering to life 

A lone birdcall cuts through 
swallows darting in a twilit sky 

Quickening darkness 
overtakes long minutes of wondering 

Shadows finger out of western clouds 
as eastern cumuli glow a defiant white 

Cricketsong rises up 
to greet a single star shining in the gloam 

Something beyond twilight falls 
stirring deep-plumbed tears 

Until seconds become fleet 
and breath releases in a sigh 
with the return of the light 

as if 'twere a dream

Photo credit: Melissa Walker


Mo Crow said...

beautiful words catching the magic of the eclipse

grace Forrest~Maestas said...

yes..the dreamlike quality....of the phenomenon itSelf
and your words...

Hazel said...

A song & a sigh. ox

Sue McQ said...

Great photo. So glad you had the opportunity to spend quality time with family.

Anonymous said...

holy shit. that is some poem. some god damned poem! Here are just a few pieces I love: 'a single star shining in the gloam', 'stirring deep-plumbed tears' 'grudging shadows'. Somehow in describing the eclipse you have managed to capture the entirety of 'weird' in which we now dwell. Beautiful, Liz.

Liz A said...

Belated thanks ... and Dee, I blush (with pleasure). These words will hold memory for me ... that they might whisper to others is all the better