Sunday, December 3, 2017


I had hoped to see the almost-full moon set this morning, but found instead a gauze-covered sky.

So on to coffee, breakfast and the newspaper, a NYT xword, email, Facebook, blog reading ... every day small things.

And thereby found a poem, nesting in the sidebar, the Kindred Spirits forming themselves into ...

The Best Laid Plans

Fire fighting resolution:
don't think ...
jump, default, journey
keep charts 

Christmas trees and taxes
on the outside looking in
earth and air
my kitchen window
Spirit cloth past
a little piece of peace
drawstring bags for the dream

Another year
first snow
faux somehow

Giving thanks
patience is required ...
time for
angst, blessings, retreat

From caring hands, threads ...
letters to the otherworld 
passing, becalmed, changing

Wordlessly wondering

On my mind

A pause in judgement


Looking again, the line breaks shift and with them the meaning. I add and delete, delete and add.

Then stop and let it go.


Mo Crow said...

Liz a poem for our times, 2018 will fly!

Liz A said...

Mo - I almost retitled this “3 AM”’when your latest post came through ... this past year feels like a fever dream, the worst kind of delirium. I hope you’re right about 2018

Fiona Dempster said...

Oh how perfect Liz! A joy to be reminded of all the small things being done in far flung places, connected by threads...beautiful.

yvette said...

no changes in the poem....
it reflexes such a honest thought
it moved me

Anonymous said...

I love your noticing and weaving together.

Louise Watson said...

Whoops didn't mean it to be anonymous!

Liz A said...

Fiona - I read it now and it is so random, but then, so is life, right? It's the connections that give it meaning.

Yvette - I'm glad ... for whatever reason, I wanted/needed to take a snapshot of the moment in time these words represented

Louise - Thank you ... I love your being here

Sue McQ said...

Liz...a treasure hidden within. How many other opportunities do we human overlook? The trees for the forest or the forest for the trees - I can never remember which is which!

Judy Martin said...


Liz A said...

Sue - what we become when we are all together

Judy - communion ... an act of sharing