Friday, February 24, 2017

Echoes of peace giveaway

Barry Smith wrote a blog post on Rustnstuff calling for readers to leave words about hope and peace.

My response was: "The world's best hope for peace is that we find a way to love each other without pre-conditions. Time will tell (10)"

To the first ten commenters, Barry promised a pendant. Mine arrived yesterday. The note jolted me:

Call ...

and response ...

The peace pin I will send to Barry
Cochineal and tannin dyed linen from here

(note: the dyeing is at the end of the linked post)

In the past month I have been wandering too far from things that bring me joy. Guilty of willfully entering the chaos of the current political arena. My daughter called me on it last night ... an intervention. Jude Hill reiterated the message in her post today.

My response was to wipe my Facebook and blog posts clean. Which I hasten to add does not mean I'm leaving the political world to others. Just that I will choose one activity that I think can make a difference, rather than the dozens of possibilities that have left my eye twitching. I will call my members of congress whenever I see something in the news that involves legislative action. But I will no longer troll Facebook.

So here's my call to you (if you've gotten this far). Please leave words of peace in the comments. And if there is a color (or colors) that brings you joy, please leave that, too. 

In response, I will reach out privately for contact information and send you a simple peace pin, like the one shown here or one that matches the color(s) that give you joy. It will give me great joy in turn to make each one for an intended recipient, spreading the joy that Barry Smith gave me. Bringing a measure of peace.

Please note: there will be no limit ... I will send peace pins to all who leave a comment, even if you happen on this post weeks or even years from now.

Rust dyed muslin made two years ago here