Friday, August 19, 2016

- The rainbow connection

Patch #232 R is for ...

After finishing G's anchor patch yesterday, we looked back on some of the other patches. 

"Do you remember the 'Q is for quilt' picture in your book?" I asked (seen here

"No," said G, so we pulled out the book and looked at the page.  "That's my favorite color," he said, pointing to the orange background. "And that's your favorite color and Pop Pop's favorite color," he continued, pointing to the green and blue in turn.

Then looking at the next page in the book he asked, "Can you make a patch like this one?"

"A rabbit rowing roses under a rainbow? Of course I can," I assured him.

Better yet, as the afternoon showers gave way to the evening sun, a real live rainbow painted itself onto the clouds ...

After snapping several shots, I asked G which one he liked best. "This one," he said ...

"It's got the brightest colors."