Sunday, August 21, 2016

- In closing

Patch #234 Lace making

I confess ... I sorta watched a lot of the Olympics, staying up much later than usual and feeling the effects of way more television than I'm used to.

By the time the closing ceremonies began, I was over it and back to stitching. Except something made me look up and put on my glasses. Lace? And women of a certain age. Dancing?

The commentators made some inane comments, but I picked up just enough to pique my curiosity.  And in so doing, learned that it was bilro lace that was being featured. I googled it and found this slide show: which begins with bilro and continues with a number of other lacemaking techniques practiced in northeast Brazil.

Recalling that I had recently gotten a lace print linen shirt at the thrift store, I looked to see if it might work as a memory patch ...

You (can) learn something new every day ...