Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Retrospective (9/30)

Patch #272 Wannabe hippie

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I'm always looking for a better bag. In stores they're always too expensive, too big, too heavy, too small. Or they're the wrong color, wrong style, wrong material, wrong strap length.

And I've looked online for patterns, over and over. Same issues.

So I took an old cottony, India print bedspread and tore it into two strips. One 8.5" wide, the other 25" wide. Then I seamed the strips to form tubes and turned them right-side out, making a 4" wide strap and a 12" wide "body."  Crossed them, sewed them together to form a base. The strap tube formed the sides. The wider tube got turned in on itself to form pockets ...

Then I took some tucks at the top to give it some shape.

Half a day and done ...

I'm thinking the central motif looks an awful lot like a clock ... or an astrological wheel. Just in time for Jude's SunMoonStars. 

Now all I need is an indigo vat to dip it in ...  or not.