Thursday, December 15, 2016

- Joy-full days

Patch #350 Armadillo art

Today we're headed to the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar in Austin. It's a wonderful two week affair of local art and music and Ray Wylie Hubbard is playing tonight.

I love that they actually have a blog (now in the Kindred Spirits list) and the neck of the guitar on this year's poster ...

reminds me of my patch strips. So I zoomed in on one as today's inspiration ...

Speaking of Kindred Spirits, I wanted to point out that the Blessings patch on December 2

referred to my rendezvous with Sue McQuade, who often comments here. She and her husband have made it back home and you can read about her visit to Texas here ...   

In titling today's post, I was reflecting on how I was anything but joyful in November. I commented to Don last night that I was tempted to make a string of dark, somber patches to match my post-election funk. So I had already decided on gray for my next patch, but ended up calling 
November 21 You are my sunshine 

And only for love would I have undertaken all the French knots needed for 
November 22 J's heart

As I swore my way through it Don suggested I give it up. Never!

Likewise, never again (at least not anytime soon).

P.S. Hopefully I'll add some bazaar pix later ...