Sunday, January 1, 2017

Be it resolved

First and foremost, best wishes to all for a peaceful new year. After taking a week off from blogging and commenting, I'm ready to begin anew.

In the past, I've used this time to do a "Year in Review"
and acknowledge the blog community

However, since this year has been a daily exercise in remembering, I'm ready to look forward for a change.

So I'll continue to honor New Year's resolutions past ...

2013 - Create
2014 - Blog
2015 - Stitch
2016 - Remember 

by adding a new one-word resolution:

2017 - Enjoy!

To that end, I plan to be:

Finishing Remember 2016 ...

Quilting the Land of Flood and Drought - 2016 ...

Creating a new book for our grandkids entitled Moondance ...

Honoring our roots and branches with a new patch project ...

Telling the stories behind the people and places and objects that have filled our lives with such happiness while welcoming a new granddaughter into our midst.

Being open to whatever might come our way ... because my life is a true collaboration that wouldn't be complete without Don. We are beginning our 40th year of married life and there isn't another time or place that we'd rather be than here and now.

In short, the plan is to thoroughly enjoy life and all it has to offer. 

I hope you'll join us from time to time along the way.