Saturday, June 9, 2012

- I love Texas

Have I mentioned I love Fridays, too?  Our first stop was Wimberley, where I struck out on clothes shopping, but we redeemed ourselves at By the Bridge.  I'll let the pictures tell the story:    
This cowbell was spotted first ... it was incredibly loud
(especially considering we were in a very small antique shop).
Should be perfect for calling grandkids in from the floodplain.

Whenever we see something we like, we ask each other, "But where would we put it?"
In this case, at $35 for a beautiful solid wood mirror, the answer was, "Who cares?  We'll find a place!"

This was hanging high on the wall, which is probably why Don spotted it.
"Perfect for Keith" was his verdict.
Of course, getting it on the plane next week should be interesting.

On the other hand, this is what caught my eye as soon as we walked into the shop.
When I commented on it, Anne Marie said, "I made it."
At which point I explained how I craft stuff, too
and then apologized that I probably wouldn't buy it.  More on that later.

Last, but not least, Don also spotted this big iron pot, which has already been moved to the fire pit.
To get a sense of size, that's a 9" railroad tie that it's sitting on ...
it's almost two feet across the top and weighs a ton!  

So, about that cell phone pouch ... as we piled all the stuff up at the counter, I asked, "How much?" since, of course I had to choose the only one that wasn't marked. "Five dollars," said the young woman who made it. "I can't do that ... how about fifteen?" I replied.  "No way ... how about ten?" she shot back.  Sold, sold, and sold!   


Off we went to lunch at the Leaning Pear, where Don had Cuban pulled pork and I indulged in fish tacos with poblano rice that had just enough heat to leave a nice buzz on the tongue. After dropping our stuff off at the house, we headed on to the bank, where we were promptly approved for a 1.9% car loan and walked out with a "dealer's check." We killed a little more time shopping at Half Price Books and Hobby Lobby (which had no whale print flannel, alas) ... then on to Marshall's, where I picked up a couple of bathing suits.  All the while, we were waiting for a call from the manager at San Marcos Toyota, who had promised to get us a Tacoma regular cab from another dealership in Austin. And waited.  And waited.   
Turns out, the dealership in Austin wouldn't send down the truck we wanted, so the local dealership sent someone all the way to Corpus Christi to drive a Tacoma back to San Marcos. Which turned out to be a good move on their part, as you can see.  
The newest member of the Ackert family.  First assignment?  Taking us to Hays County BarBQ for brisket.