Tuesday, July 24, 2012

- Folk art shark

Originally posted by Don in On the Trail

I've been working on this shark using the same wood I used to make the whales for Jackson's room. The body needed a tail so I found one in the pile of cedar branches I've been collecting. The fins are made from distressed metal and the teeth are made from shell fragments found on the OBX....shaved down for that "sharky" look.  I decided to leave the wood natural instead of painting it because I thought the natural pattern of the grain gave it a sense of movement.  (Like I know what I'm talking about.) One day it will find a home with the colorful fish paintings shown here.  Liz is in charge of that project.

Friday, July 13, 2012

- Whale of a Tale

Originally posted by Don in On the Trail

Now that Melissa has had her baby shower I can share what I made for Jackson's room. These two whales were made from an old screen door we purchased from our friend Jill at By the Bridge Antiques in Wimberley.  She was actually going to just give us the doors because they were in not the best of condition, but we ended up paying her 5 bucks apiece to take them off her hands. The body of each whale is made from the old door. The spouts are shells from the OBX and the flukes are cedar branches from the yard. The eye on the baby beluga is a button from a shirt Liz wore while in the hospital after Melissa was born. All made to fit in with the whale decor in Jackson's room...