Wednesday, April 23, 2014

- The Homestead in Stitches: A needlework map emerges

I wrote about a new project earlier this month: a kitchen towel needleworked with a "map" of our property. However, the thing about slow cloth (wait for it) is that it's sorta slow. Especially when one is otherwise occupied with travel and grandchildren (both of which are not to be rushed).

Still, the newest quotidian effort has reached a point worth documenting:

This is a bird's eye view of our house and garage, trails and driveway. Note the variegated floss, which was purchased on our way out of Williamsburg last week. Dare I say good things happen when we leave the Burg? Well then, we'll have to go back more frequently, methinks.

So, to make this more truly quotidian, I'd like the stitching to be as much a part of my daily life as the end product will be. Next up (in no particular order): rock walls, trail names, grasses, and trees.

To be continued (slowly) ...

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