Thursday, June 5, 2014

- Mountains or beach? Mixed media assemblage

I originally planned to title this post "What's cookin'?" since Don was starting to play around with the welded trio of cake pans I found at Junkology.  As usual, he got ahead of me and had already started painting and placing components for "Beach or Mountains?" so I had to get him to back it up a bit for the photographic record.

And once he got going, things happened fast.

I absolutely love how he can envision something when there is nothing there to see (while I'm much more adept at tweaking something that already exists)

... taking a long-standing Ackert family interview question 

... then turning it into its own answer.

Also as usual, the details are crazy cool:

A knot of floodplain driftwood, the inside of a prickly pear cactus pad, and a bit of metal ...
Can't you just feel the moonshine?

Bits of Nags Head driftwood blowin' in the wind

Time is at the heart of the matter ...

.... and the answer is key

So "show it to your people, don't forget to sign your name."


The beginning of a long story with many chapters (7)

We've collected ceramics forever it seems. Some pieces have been given to us, but most have been found wandering through galleries, art shows, and antique stores. Not having large wallets, we have a tendency to go for smaller pieces like bowls and mugs ... lots and lots of bowls and mugs!

But with Don's "good eye" in mind, this is the one that made the most sense to start with:

It's not signed, it's probably not old, and it was definitely not expensive (I think we paid $15). But it's one of many things we found in the miles of aisles at the Williamsburg Antique Mall off Lightfoot Road ... each held up in turn for inspection with the inevitable question, "What do you think?"

So reader beware ... there are a lot more stories where this came from.


Karen said...

Write your stories and put them in the jar.

Liz Ackert said...

This blog has become my jar ... a clear glass vessel to be read by any and all.