Wednesday, November 12, 2014

- Beyond be-leaf: A look back at Considering Weave

This past summer I spent the time from solstice to equinox in the cyber-company of considering weavers led by Jude Hill.

Early on, Jude challenged us to look for unorthodox looms and Jo posted some amazing bits of woven shell and driftwood (which inspired this post). Eyes opened, I gathered some Live Oak leaves on which to try my hand, cutting a hole in each one with cuticle scissors, stitching vertical "warp" threads with a single strand of floss, then needle-weaving "weft" threads into each one ...

Each leaf is a bit more than 1" wide and 2-3" long

As leaves are wont to do, they did dry out over time ...

After one month, the natural waxy coating
on the leaves became quite apparent
and one even blew away (to New Mexico), so this is how the remaining leaves look after 4+ months ...

But since Mo asked if I could post them on the blog to accompany her comments on The Leaf Dance, it's been fun to look back in the Considering Weave Forum and bring them out into the world.