Sunday, November 16, 2014

- Triangulation: An idea for the pillow takes shape

It really is too big at 22x38 inches, but I'm determined to finish the woven cloth base for the pillow (shown here and here). There are parts that do not lie flat, but I've already envisioned stitching down tucks in the cloth, like folds of land.

Because what this is becoming in my mind (at least for now) is a record of our journey from San Marcos to Santa Fe to Saint Louis and back. The squares remind me of fields and their edges remind me of latitudes and longitudes ... the colors remind me of New Mexico's purple mountains and golden trees ... the stitches remind me of the endless miles of highway.

Then the most recent dye patch came out looking sun-like, which in turn made me think of a small woven patch I made last summer that is just like the crescent moon that rose over the Sangre de Cristo mountain range on our last morning at Ravens Ridge.

And as I pondered these things, Don came in with a half-sawed bit of rusted metal garden tool destined for his next folk art fish saying, " I know you like to get pictures in progress ... and wouldn't this be a cool shape for your dyeing?"

Yes and yes ...