Sunday, January 10, 2016

- True (indigo) blue ... at last

I've thought about doing some indigo dyeing for a while now. Not for the first time, as I participated in eighteenth-century colonial-style indigo dyeing with Kathy Smith back in the 1980s. A true purist, Kathy conjured a vat with stale urine. I wasn't so brave.

More recently, I tried my hand at Maura Ambrose's indigo vats (one chemical, one organic), dipping pieces of vintage linen tablecloth in and coming out with this for one ...

Patch #10

I left the hemstitched edge intact, liking the look of it, wondering how it might play out. And I may add some stitch later ... well, now actually ...

Snow falling in East Hampton, New Year's Day 1978

The b-side maybe even more realistic than the front

So, having mentioned the dyeing workshop, here at last are my photographic impressions of it (Maura's artistry shown with her permission) ...

Coming into Maura's home for the first time,
this was what hit me

Followed by this wonderful display of potential

and instruction

Works in progress abounded ...

and while most were machine-sewn, some were hand-stitched
and all had colors to dye for
Samplers of a sort hung on the walls,
some perhaps dating to Maura's days at SCAD

Bits of memory enshrined behind glass

Notebook pages that spoke for themselves ...

a full range of potential

carefully curated

artfully presented
Truly an inspiration ... to be continued


yvette said...

This is a place to be some time, but your indigo tires me into it too!

Liz Ackert said...

I'll show some more tomorrow

Marti said...

A living encyclopedia of color, wonderfully organized. Thanks for sharing Maura's way of documentation Liz.

Liz Ackert said...

Thanks much Marti ... I'm still digesting everything I learned at Maura's workshop. It was certainly time well spent.

Hope you and Rich have had a wonderful day ... thank you for inspiring reminiscences here, too!