Tuesday, March 8, 2016

- Singin' in the rain

Rain is always on our minds ...

Through drought and flood, we pray for it to come, but not too much.

The singer-songwriters in the Texas Hill Country echo the refrain of rain ...
"You can't eat hope and you can't drink doubt ... six years in to a seven year drought"
Seven Year Drought
, Jamie Lin Wilson
"Come on clouds, don't get tired ... rain all night, rain all night"
Rain all night
, Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros
"Peaceful sleepin's livin' proof ... nothing sounds like an old tin roof and rain"
It's only rain
, Jimmy "Daddy" Davis
"It was dry in 1930, an' it was dry in '32 ... don't need a New Deal handout, a little rain'll do"
A little rain'll do
, Cody Canada
So here's hoping for a week's worth of rain patches ... sweet and steady and slow.

Meanwhile, this is Don's latest assemblage ...

Originally titled "No one" ... then "One and Done ... briefly B[one] Dry ... and finally,"B-one Dry." 

The bone dominoes were one of my first By the Bridge purchases (though at the time I had no idea what to do with them). The board came from Junkology. And the the longhorn, ironically, was a gift from Virginia. The key to the joke is the key.

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