Tuesday, April 5, 2016

- Another moon dance (because there can never be too many)

Retrospective (4/8/2016)

Tuesday's moon was in its final waning, so this bit of needle weaving made during Jude Hill's online class Considering Weave, seemed like a good fit ...

Patch #96

But here's the thing. Did you know that the waning moon looks different in Australia? As knowing this is relatively new to me, I thought a patch that showed both the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere views was in order ...

The top, bottom, and right edges were left loose
in order to turn the bit of weave over like the page of a book

The bit of weave was made by coloring the hand-strung linen warp threads with blue and black fabric marker, then needle weaving in a weft of white linen. As I started and ended the lengths of weft thread,  I left the tail ends trailing on one selvedge. Those loose ends enabled me to stitch the finished weaving to a daytime sky-blue linen patch (the waning crescent being visible primarily during the day).

After randomly stitching in the loose ends, I recalled showing G jet contrails as we played out in the backyard on Tuesday. The stitches streaming across the patch suddenly took on meaning. Once again, an example of the cloth revealing more than I had originally intended. I love it when that happens!

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