Monday, January 11, 2016

- Violet and the Blood Moon

Morna Crites-Moore had a beautiful post today. If you haven't seen it yet, click here to take a look ... I'll wait.

Her post, along with the news of David Bowie's death from liver cancer inspired today's violet patch  (not that I was a fan, but Ziggy Stardust, Major Tom, and Suffragette City did play in the background of my teenage years) ...

Patch #11 Discharge bleach dyeing on linen

I haven't done any discharge dyeing with bleach for over a year, mostly because I wasn't wild about cutting freezer paper masks. Having long intended to try using Don's foam paint daubers as an alternative, Morna's post gave me the incentive finally to give it a try ..

Note: Jude Hill did not recommend Lemon Soft Scrub, but it was all they had at HEB

So even though it looked promising ...

Looks can be deceiving ...

nothing much happened. Reading the label I found bleach waaaay down the list of ingredients. Hmmm.

Not to be deterred, I dug out a bleach pen, squeezed some out on the plastic lid and gave it a try. Whoa ... talk about fast acting!  The first couple of moons went way too far. Then I tried rinsing sooner, and others didn't go far enough ...

In addition to the moon variations,
I was seriously debating which was the best violet representative

Fortunately, the moon at the beginning of the post was just right. Because it only takes one, right? Which reminds me ... gotta buy one of those billion dollar lottery tickets today.

Before I head out though, here's the final batch of pictures from the natural dyeing workshop ...

A blurry picture of Maura hanging the first demo

Ten of the sixteen participants

Three vats of red

into which we all dipped cloth we brought with us for the workshop

Brazilwood (which Mo informed me is an endangered species)
samples of which were cut up and given to each participant

Silk, cotton, linen and wool dipped in
Cochineal and Madder were also shared with everyone

 The second day of the workshop was dedicated to Indigo magic
1 ...

2 ...


Once again, we were all given the opportunity to dye our own cloth

which everyone was prepared to do

The afternoon was dedicated to creating shibori

graced with a rare touch of sunshine over the blackland prairie