Friday, January 29, 2016

- Blue skies for B

Texas is a land of amazing extremes. Whereas yesterday I was depicting ice (which I photographed while wearing shirt sleeves in 28 degree frostiness), today I'm sitting outside stitching in the sun ...

Patch #28 torn shred of white linen napkin on grey-green linen  from an old shirt dress
and Patch #29 indigo-dyed shibori cotton and pomegranate dyed linen

Once upon a time, I decided Virginia was destined to be my home because I was smitten with the ability to walk barefoot in January (admittedly a stretch, but I was only 18 at the time). Well, Virginia is currently digging out from 1-2 feet of snow, while the Texas Hill Country is enjoying temperatures in the mid-70s ...

The view from the breezeway

Now this is my kinda barefoot.

We were delighted to show off our weather to daughter Meg's friend Bridget, who was in town for a conference. We ate lunch al fresco at the Leaning Pear. The smiles say it all ...

Austin daughter Meg with her life-long friend Bridget
(aka B and daughter of my longtime best friend from Virginia)