Tuesday, June 7, 2016

- Still life

My niece and nephew just announced their respective engagements (good luck to my brother and sister-in-law juggling two weddings ... been there, done that). Contemplating potential gifts, I realized I can count on one hand our wedding/shower gifts that are still in active use after 39 years ...

A set of Pyrex bowls (two of which are in the dishwasher), a Corning Ware tea pot (complete with tea stains from this morning's batch of tea), a hand-thrown pot that usually holds onions (the lid long gone), a pancake turner (which was old and broken when I got it ... more about that here: http://imgoingtotexas.blogspot.com/2009/09/friday-night-supper.html), and an ironing board with six layers of covers on it (we've probably gone through that many irons as well).

Other things got used until they wore out, broke, went out of style or out of warranty. A few still linger in cabinets where they serve as memory holders for folks who are no longer with us.

Less is better: a smaller home with a bigger view, a simpler life with time better spent. Finding happiness in a few good things, well worn.