Tuesday, July 12, 2016

- B-day

Patch #194 was made in honor of Bridget's birthday ...

B is my best friend's daughter, born 4 1/2 months before my daughter Meg (no coincidence). They have been life-long friends, along with our younger daughter Meliss. All three have stood together as each was wed ... and all three have become moms, reminding Barb and me of our younger selves. 

I knew I wanted to make a special patch for Bridget, but it came with a little extra pressure as she is an extremely talented artist and gainfully employed graphic designer (gulp).

So I dialed my memory back to her childhood birthdays, which were grand extravaganzas of kid-friendly fun planned down to the last detail by Barb (who is pictured in the recently-posted Urbanna Creek abode).

And always there was crab picking for kids and parents alike. Dozens of Chesapeake Bay blue claw crabs (jimmies of course), liberally dosed with Old Bay seasoning and accompanied by vats of melted butter and tubs of cold beer.  

There was, therefore, no question about the color scheme for this patch: crab claw blue, steamed shell red, and Old Bay orange.

All that remained was the design, which I kept simple. What else but the Zodiac symbol for Bridget's birthday: Cancer, The Crab.