Friday, December 2, 2016

- Won't get fooled again?

Patch #337 How a day might get better

It didn't start out well ... another breakfast spent dodging endless articles about Trump in The New York Times. I had already written one letter to the editors (which they chose not to publish) admonishing them for their excessive coverage of Trump versus Clinton.

Finding an echo of my sentiments that actually did get published in the Letters ...

I realized things weren't apt to change, because "Trump" sells newspapers. Indeed, not only was the Times bragging about its surge in subscriptions, they sent an email blast that they were about to raise their rates.

Enough was enough. As I sat on hold for twenty minutes waiting to cancel my subscription, I wrote yet another letter to the editors. Since it too is most likely destined for oblivion, I'll self-publish it here ...

After which I made a contribution to my local PBS station to support The News Hour.

The day got much better after that. Having received an email out of the blue the day before, I headed out to rendezvous with a Kindred Spirit blogger at the Hays County BBQ (our restaurant of choice for first-time visitors to Texas).  

While she and her delightful spouse shall remain unnamed until they return safely  home, suffice it to say that we spent two wonderful hours getting to know each other and took the obligatory selfie to commemorate the occasion ...

Note to self: work on finding more flattering angles for selfies ... and hope that another meet-up lies in the future.