Saturday, December 3, 2016

- On a roll

Patch #338 Moon-cast

Just before Griffin's birthday on November 14, it came to my attention that a super moon was in the offing. Not surprisingly, I was delighted to learn that G was born under a new moon four years earlier.

Then, a few days before Meg's birthday on November 30, I saw one of my favorite configurations in the early morning sky: a waning crescent hanging from the morning star. When was the next new moon? I wondered.

Well I'm not quite sure how I ever survived without the instant gratification of the Internet. Suffice it to say upon learning the new moon was falling on Meg's birthday, I looked to see what phase the moon was in when she was born in 1982. If you guessed it was full, you can imagine my glee.

So I stitched two full moons and two new moons (drawn by hand because circles never stitch perfectly round even when I trace them) to remember what else I learned ...

The new moon in April is the same day as Meg's baby girl is due. So mark your calendars: April 26, 2017!

And because today is rainy and cold, I'm taking full advantage of the inside time to catch up on a few more patches.

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