Monday, December 5, 2016

- Peaceful protest wins the day

Patch #340 Honoring Standing Rock

After learning that the Army Corps of Engineers had effectively ended the stand-off at Standing Rock, I spent the morning reading more about the place and the people ...

I was intrigued by the eight-pointed star in the seal, having recently encountered a description of a similar star as a Native  American symbol for hope. Looking in to that, I was also unable to verify another theory that four of the points represented north, south, east and west, while the other four respresented the sun's rising and setting points during solstices. Don't believe everything you read!

Instead, the eight points actually represent the regional districts of the tribe, as well as being a Lakota symbol for the morning star.

I learned much more, reading articles, theses, and websites, particularly those with .edu URLs. But what I also noticed as I looked at the Standing Rock website pictured above was a "Donate" link ... so I did.

One other thought ... could it be possible that the change in the stalemate was triggered by the movement of veterans to stand with the people? We may never know, but after hearing an eloquent explanation of the motivations behind the movement by one of the organizers, I'd like to believe they made a difference.

And in a wonderful bit of synchronicity, I found today's retro patches to be fitting.

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