Sunday, December 18, 2016

- Land of extremes

Patch #353 The color of cold

It's not my most inspired patch, but it does mark the beginning of "drip the tap" season in the Hill Country.  

Yesterday's high was 77 degrees ...

This morning our thermometer read 21 degrees. The math is mind-boggling: a 56 degree drop in 15 hours!

So I'm thinking a possible variation on the Land of Flood and Drought series might be a record of the highs and lows for each day in 2017, from red patches for the triple-digit days to purple patches for the below-freezing days ... and every color of the rainbow in-between.

But first I need to finish this year's projects. I'm still slogging through last month.

November 23 Turning inward

November 24 Self-titled

And here for your viewing pleasure is the latest addition to Don's assemblage herd ...

The end ...

Sorry, couldn't resist.