Wednesday, May 10, 2017

You've got (real) mail

How long has it been since I went to the mailbox with any sense of positive expectation? Rather, I've dutifully picked up bills, catalogs, and unwanted solicitations ... sometimes waiting days between mailbox visits unless deliveries of medications or other heat-sensitive materials were expected.

But now ...

I find hand-written notes and cards, some with added treasures tucked inside. There have been thanks for peace pins, congratulations for our new grandchild from Marti, and a love letter from our daughter Meg.

My hands opened to let go of tiny bits of cloth and I received in turn a hank of cotton floss to add to my next dye pot (thank you Beth) and parachute silk (!) from England to add as well (thank you Louise ... and thanks too for the wee collaged box that accompanied it). All of it unexpected.

But it was the words, handwritten and heart-felt, that I most appreciated. As Judy wrote, "I loved getting real mail!"

It's a lesson I won't soon forget. 


Sue McQ said...

Wow! Isn't it wonderful to find such treasures in your mail box?! And,may I say that due to your generosity of time, talent and treasure, you have been blessed by many. So happy for you.
Blessings and Love

Liz A said...

Thanks Sue ... happy days

beth from still life pond said...

Spreading love. It's no wonder that it is finding its way back to you.

Mo Crow said...

you are such a treasure (((Liz)))

Barry said...

Hi L - just love this exchange of peaceful and hopeful energy. May we all continue to grow the circles. Peace. B

Liz A said...

Beth, Mo, and Barry -

This all makes so much more sense than drowning in despair ... and the energy it creates gets channeled into contacting members of Congress, then back to the things of everyday life. The things that really matter. Yesterday, that translated into the making of six more pins.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.