Sunday, March 12, 2017

By the light of the silvery moon ...

Or not ... as the sky is full of clouds here in the Hill Country. But still, as I stitched the first three peace pins, I thought of Mo in Australia who gets to see the full moon first ...

Hers is the indigo dyed linen back stitched and wrapped with pale silvery thread.

The green halo of Marti's pin was dyed with red onion on linen and split back stitched in variegated green. 

And as Grace requested, her pin was "dyed" with rust.

The flip sides ...

reveal an indigo shibori for Mo, 

blanket flower dyed cotton made with my granddaughter on the Outer Banks for Marti, 

and the tiniest split back stitches I could manage for Grace in a floss named desert rose on prairie tea dyed linen.

As I stitched each pin, I repeated the words "imagine peace" over and over in my mind. It was a soothing mantra and I look forward to repeating it many more times over the coming days.

Thanks to each of you who left words of peace ... for your presence here, for your patience as this process unfolds, and for the community we share.