Wednesday, October 22, 2014

- A little farther west: Music bridges Texas and the Netherlands

If you look in my Kindred Spirits link to the right, you will see Tales from the Birdhut ... Saskia being one of the connections I've made through Jude Hill's Considering Weave (see my October 7 post on Reworking a cotton blouse boro-style).

So when I wrote about another boro-style top called "it's only RAIN" and included a link to the Jimmy Davis song of the same name, Saskia commented that she liked his music. I told Don, who said, "I think I saw the Mystiqueros are going to be playing with Bart de Win in the Netherlands sometime soon." 

Sure enough, when I checked on Facebook, Jimmy Davis had an October 21 house concert scheduled at Bart's (side note: we've seen Bart play with the MQs in Texas 3 or 4 times). I made a comment on Saskia's blog that it would be so cool if she could go to the concert ... and she did! You can read all about it in today's post at Tales from the Birdhut.

By the way, about the same time Saskia and her husband were listening to the MQs in person, Don and I were listening to one of their CDs during our 966 mile drive from Santa Fe to St Louis ... a little farther west (which just happens to be one of my many Mystiqueros favorites).

I'm beaming as I write this ... feeling like the sun is shining from the inside out ... amazed at how the world can be so large and so small at the same time.