Monday, September 26, 2016

- Rain again

Retrospective (9/30)

Patch #270 Best of friends 

Belated birthday wishes to my sister-by-choice, who happily celebrated with her grandkids ...

and a birthday donut!

Original Post

It's been raining quite a bit over the past two days ...

giving me an opportunity to use my new Pitt pens. Although I have to edit the second patch, which should read a mere 5.3" rather than 5.7".

Fortunately, we got FEMA flood insurance last week, which was relatively reasonable seeing as our property is in the flood zone, but not our house ...

Still, the insurance doesn't take effect for 30 days, so we were a bit edgy as the water level rose a bit more than we would have liked. 

It's gone back down, but the steady rain gave me an opportunity to do some catch-up patches.

I also sent an order for some Spirit Cloth planet patches. Can't wait to add one of them here!