Saturday, August 13, 2016

- Dessert first

Patch #226 Ice cream

I grew up in a blue state (New York), went to college in a red state (Virginia), and then happily watched it turn purple over the forty years that we lived there. After which we picked up and moved to the bluest area we could find (Austin) in arguably one of the most radically red states (Texas). 

Fortunately for us, we managed to move in next to neighbors who shared our political proclivities. Not to mention our taste in adult beverages and live music. So it wasn't a stretch to imagine that we'd enjoy dinner together. 

During a conversation that included mention of homemade pasta, we ended up inviting Charlie and Jane over for a dinner of lasagna, bread, and salad. They in turn offered to bring red wine and dessert.

At the appointed hour, they showed up on our doorstep with a Cuisinart ice cream maker and a milk container full of custard base. I love these people!

"It's my mother's recipe," Jane said, "made with whole milk, condensed milk, and evaporated milk."

"Tres leches!" I exclaimed, thinking of the locally popular cake which is also made with three kinds of milk. "I can't wait!"

After dinner, the ice cream churned and decaf brewed as we showed off the latest additions to our walls. Then the perfectly soft custard ice cream was scooped into bowls and topped with fresh-made ganache and strawberry jam.

Which just goes to show, red isn't all bad ...

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