Friday, December 30, 2016

- Happy anniversary

Retrospective (1/18/2017)

Patch #365 What 39 years looks like 

We got married on New Year's Eve Eve, at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Friday. The day was crystal clear and cold. By nighttime, the snow had begun to fall.

So it was appropriate to celebrate on a freezing cold evening in St Louis. We went to YaYa's in Chesterfield ... dining on duck and trout as we reminisced. And while our wedding cake may have been somewhat forgettable, the anniversary chocolate soufflé with ice cream and raspberry coulis was most definitely memorable.

We left the restaurant as a sliver of crescent moon was setting in the west. Another perfect memory.

The only down note in the day was Jackson's stomach virus that kept him from joining Jace in their indoor bounce house ...

Likewise, J missed our daily game time while Jace napped ...

The good news is, J bounced back the next day.

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