Thursday, December 22, 2016

- Not much to show

Patch #357 A rose by any other name

would still be pink. 

That's my new iPhone 7, which is "rose gold" with a "desert sand" case. Which is to say, it's pink ... just like daughter Meg's new phone. 

My excuse for getting a new one? Well, my trusty iPhone 5 has been maxing out on storage and the battery has been fading faster by the day. With Christmas only days away and a new granddaughter arriving in the spring it was only a matter of time. 

Fortunately, I didn't exchange my old phone (with which I took this picture of the new phone), because Surprise! There is no longer a Blogger app for iPhones. So even though I have this great new phone with a great new camera, I'll actually continue to blog on the old phone.


Anyway, the patch is a lustrous cotton sateen from Maura Ambrose's dye workshop last year ... a perfect match to the matte glossiness of the new phone (I know, it's oxymoronic). I decided to leave it unembellished as most of what we did with the rest of the day involved Christmas gifts that can't be shown ... yet.


Susan McQuade said...

Would love the iphone 7 plus in rosegold...please tell Santa.
Such a pretty shade on that patch. Serene.

Vicky aka Stichr said...

I would choose that color too. I am a silvery type, but the rosy addition would be hard to pass up.

Love the frames Don made!

We are getting another, for us, girl too. #6 makes her appearance in early March. Finally something to like about that month. And when that part of the famdamily came by yesterday, she, the mama, told us she does want to take as much time off as she can! Luckily for her, my middle daughter, with the other 3 girls, will be doing the day care for the new one too. Nice having extended family around to help with the young ones!

Liz Ackert said...

Sue ... Anything's possible on Christmas. May all your wishes come true!

Vicky ... Lucky you to have all your family close by (or so it seems from your comment). Hope you all have a healthy and happy Christmas!

Liz D said...

Will you continue to have service on both phones? Anyway I looked the Blogger issue up, and this is what the Google troubleshooter page says [after saying that there is was very little use of the Blogger app, so they dropped it]:

"Use your mobile browser to access All the features are available for your blogging use."

I hope this helps.


Liz Ackert said...

Thanks Litzy. Sadly, Blogger does not play well with mobile phone web browsers (I've tried Safari, Chrome, and Firefox to no avail). Fortunately, I do have my old phone and will continue to use it via WiFi. A bit of a hassle, but it is what it is.